Relieving Pain & Stress

Your body has a profound capacity to restore, regenerate, adapt, develop, and thrive. The restorative nature of acupuncture & Chinese medicine make them a valuable and effective foundation of your recovery, health, and self-care.

This is what I want for you…

  • To be free of pain and able to move your body in a way that brings you joy
  • To feel ease inside yourself
  • To have an inspired relationship with your body and your health
  • To enjoy the fulfillment that comes from these things

Pain Relief

Hot Yoga

Whether you are hurting from arthritis, too many hours in front of a computer, a long weekend in the garden, an athletic event…

Stress Relief


When you are suffering with pain, stress and anxiety nearly always become a part of that experience at some point. With or without physical pain…

Sports Medicine


Optimal health equals optimal performance and acupuncture supports optimal health from the inside out. I am deeply familiar with the joy that…

Supportive Therapies


Treatments often include not only acupuncture but other supportive therapies as well. You may be offered additional…


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