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Being a Hospice Acupuncturist

IMG_7642People often say, “You work in hospice. Wow, that must be so hard.”  (…or heavy, draining, or any number of other words that suggest a weighty emotional slog.) In my experience, it’s many things. Poignant. Intimate. Beautiful. Intense. Fulfilling. Refreshingly real. With all due respect, there is plenty of grit in hospice work. I’m not saying it’s easy but for me it is unquestionably nourishing on a deep level.


hummus & vegAt my house, we love hummus and can happily plow through massive amounts of it. Because of that, I make it frequently and in large batches.  Making hummus at home is EASY EASY EASY.

This post includes a simple delicious hummus recipe and an overview of many of the exceptional therapeutic properties of fresh garlic.

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