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Deep in the Heart of Soup Season: Caldo Verde

photoThis post is the beginning of a series of my favorite Soup Recipes, featuring Caldo Verde (Portuguese Chorizo Kale Soup). According to Chinese nutritional theory, brothy hot soups are a perfect way to chase out pathogens, fortify your immune system, stoke your digestive ‘pilot light’, and refill your well of reserves. In the heart of winter, who couldn’t use a bit of that?

Healthy Holiday Living and Tasty Treats (Back by Popular Demand)

IMG_7591In terms of self-care, December can be the hardest month. And the most critical, right? We can be overly busy, under-rested, sugar-crashed, out of our normal rhythms, and often struggling with expectations and stress about money, time, year-end loose ends, gifts, travel, family challenges, getting things done on time… and the list goes on. To have balance and health in the face of it requires both a conscious intention and some practical tools.

What would make it easier to stay healthy, sane, and nourished? Here are 5 tips (including two recipes) for a nourishing holiday season.

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