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The Elegant System of Chinese Medicine

chinese-medicineWelcome to a system of medicine that enhances your body’s innate healing mechanism. For over 3000 years, Chinese medicine has been an established diagnostic and treatment system for chronic and acute illnesses and pain, as well as for preventative health maintenance.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a body of medicine with 5 branches. The 5 branches of Chinese medicine are acupuncture, herbal therapy, massage, nutrition, and the internal arts (meditation, tai chi, qi gong, etc.). Thus, treatment goes beyond what happens on the treatment table to include lifestyle and self-care.

Chinese medicine views the body holistically, much like an individual eco-system, wherein balance is essential for maintaining good health. If the balance is disrupted, then vitality is impaired and sustainability is compromised. Utilizing Chinese medicine, I strive to recognize the imbalances at hand, to nourish that which is depleted, quell that which is excessive, and support that which is balanced and thriving.

Chinese medicine has its own comprehensive model of human anatomy which often illuminates connections and patterns that may be overlooked by conventional medicine.

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