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This is why I do my work…

praticeI marvel at the body. I am continually inspired by how we regenerate.

How we move or don’t move, what we eat and drink or don’t eat and drink, how we rest or don’t rest, how we care for ourselves, including acupuncture—with all of this, we are creating the body we will have tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. When we understand this from our own experience, it becomes a powerful guide in our lives. It empowers us to make healthy choices, not because we “should” but because we have connected the dots and we understand that we are choosing what we most want. Whether it’s drinking more water, doing some stretching, taking a walk in the fresh air, or getting acupuncture to heal and re-balance ourselves, it’s an investment in our immediate and future health, in ourselves, in our aliveness. This inspires me.

I watch patients heal and get back to the life they love, sometimes feeling better than ever before. I see them learn to listen to the feedback loops within, to hear and understand how their body is communicating with them. I see them gather new tools, grow in their ability to care for themselves, and become more sustainably healthy. Each day, I see patients relax deeply and find a restorative place of ease within.

These things make a difference — a big difference. This is why I do what I do.

This is what I want for my patients…

  • To be free of pain and able to move your body in a way that brings you joy
  • To feel ease inside yourself
  • To have an inspired relationship with your body and your health
  • To enjoy the fulfillment that comes from these things

This is how I do it…

I offer Chinese medicine as a system of holistic care. I use acupuncture and other supportive therapies to naturally and effectively address your needs for recovery, health, and self-care.

And I put my heart into it.

Susan Wilmoth Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Portland




, LAc, MAcOM
Susan Wilmoth Acupuncture
(formally Seeds of Health, PC)

5525 E. Burnside
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