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sports_med_271x200Optimal health equals optimal performance and acupuncture supports optimal health from the inside out.

I am deeply familiar with the joy that movement brings us and the not-so-joyful ways our bodies can be impacted by it. Acupuncture is an excellent support for the athletic lifestyle.

Allow acupuncture to help:

  • Relieve pain
  • Improve stamina
  • Speed up recovery time
  • Maintain your best mobility
  • Support your immune system
  • Strengthen your stress response
  • Invigorate your energy level
  • Accelerate healing from the wear and tear on your body

cupping_sports_200x200When your chiropractic adjustments won’t hold or when muscle-guarding is limiting your progress in physical therapy, using acupuncture to release muscle tension and physical congestion can make the critical difference that catapults your healing forward.

I work regularly with professional dancers, competitive cyclists, avid tennis and volleyball players, kayakers, swimmers, equestrians,  and distance runners. I see acupuncture support them to be more sustainable through intense training, peak performance, and quick recovery. I weave an anatomy-based orientation with my knowledge of Chinese medicine to offer an uncommonly integrated approach to your care.

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