Stress, Fatigue & Anxiety Care

Stress_relief_200x200When you are suffering with pain, stress and anxiety nearly always become a part of that experience at some point. With or without physical pain, stress and anxiety are among the most common concerns impacting people in today’s hectic world. When we are chronically stressed, we become depleted. Our sleep can be impacted, as can our digestion, immunity, mood, ability to focus, and our stamina.

Acupuncture influences the nervous system to ease that burden and improve your sense of wellbeing and quality of life.

This capacity is one of the first things that inspired my personal love of acupuncture.

This kind of treatment is designed to …

  • settle your nervous system and calm your mind
  • strengthen your stress response
  • improve sleep
  • restore your body
  • enhance immunity
  • replenish your energy level to relieve fatigue

stress-relief_200x200_2There is an increasing body of positive clinical research on acupuncture for treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder indicating acupuncture is an excellent tool for rebalancing the overloaded nervous system.

I understand that we are complex, that healing can be multifaceted, and I welcome the full terrain of your experience.

Patients commonly leave their treatment feeling relaxed and centered.

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