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About Susan Wilmoth, Acupuncturist, MAcOM

Susan_WilmothI bring to my work a fascination with anatomy, a lifelong love of movement, and a deep respect for humanity. My style as an acupuncturist is gentle and precise, weaving a strong anatomy-based orientation with my knowledge of Chinese medicine to offer an uncommonly integrated approach.

My practice is based in a charming Victorian in east Portland and also branches out into our community. In addition to my private practice, I provide end-of-life acupuncture for both Providence Hospice and Gentiva Hospice (formerly Odyssey Hospice). I feel honored to serve patients along the full spectrum of vitality, from vibrant living to graceful dying. I also served the Oregon Ballet Theater (OBT) as an on-site acupuncturist, treating the dancers in their studio and back stage at the theater from 2007 to 2013.

I am a graduate of Purdue University and the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, nationally certified by the NCCAOM, licensed in Oregon by the Oregon Medical Board, and I hold a Masters Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the four year post-graduate program at OCOM. During my acupuncture training, I served as a clinical intern at the Oregon Health Science University (OHSU). I am a whole-hearted advocate of integrated care where eastern and western medicine come together in order to provide the best options for patients.

My academic background prior to studying Chinese Medicine was in Cultural Anthropology, Philosophy, and Religious studies. Cultivating awareness and understanding has been a labor of love throughout my life.

I am an avid gardener and appreciator of the natural world. Having my hands in the dirt is my healing elixir! To me, tending the outer and tending the inner have a great deal in common. I find joy in a steady diet of nature, swimming, hiking, sharing food I’ve grown with people I love, and my own life’s journey toward ever-deeper contentment and thriving.

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