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Day 4: Navigating December with Health, Balance, & Sanity

Day 4. Choose the Right Amount of Doing Why are we doing all the holiday stuff? For fun, celebration, quality time with people we care about, to share in something meaningful? And does it feel that way when we are overextended and exhausted? Not usually. While it’s wonderful to be engaged in the festive season,

Day 3: Navigating December with Health, Balance, & Sanity

Day 3. Craft A Fitness Plan that Fits Your Life Walking around the block?  One yoga pose a day?  The 7 minute workout? Why wait for January to feel good? If you already have an exercise routine that you love, keep it alive through December. If you don’t, sample some options, find one or more

Day 2: Navigating December with Health, Balance, & Sanity

This is day 2 in a 5 day series of simple suggestions for tending to your body, heart, and mind during the hectic month of December. Two Minutes of Silence and Solitude Take it. I recommend mornings. Set a stopwatch on that fancy smartphone of yours. Take 2 minutes to breathe, to be with yourself, to

Navigating December with Health, Balance, & Sanity

The expectations and pace of life in December can easily spin out of control. In terms of self-care, December can be the hardest month. And the most critical, right? We can be overly busy, under-rested, sugar-crashed, out of our normal rhythms, and often struggling with expectations and stress about money, time, year-end loose ends, gifts,

On the Treatment Table Instead of the Triathlon Starting Line: A Journey of Training, Life-Lessons, & Rehabilitating a Back Injury

Susan riding on TaborThis is a personal story of training for my first sprint triathlon, getting injured, and letting go. It’s also a tale of new beginnings, self-love, and a commitment to health and self-care.

Chinese Nutrition, Digestive Healing, & Burdock with Yams

Burdock & Jewel Yam Part of the beauty of Chinese medicine is that it’s a system that recognizes that even though multiple people might present with the same symptoms, that we don’t all need the same treatment to heal and thrive.  In that spirit, I have not found that any one diet is a perfect fit for everyone, as we are all so individual, ever-changing, and complex. Understanding how our bodies work and listening inwardly– this is a powerful combination that can guide us to discover what dietary choices make us feel good, function well, rest well, heal well, and have sustained energy.   Read on for more about seasonal eating, including a recipe!

The Fifth Season.

Chinese medicine is based on the principles of nature. These principles are understood through what is known as 5 Element Theory. In this system, all of the body’s functions, structures, and fluids correlate to elements in the natural world. And it all happens in 5’s. Typically we are used to thinking in terms of four elements and four seasons but in this ancient eastern philosophy, there are five elements, directions, flavors, medicinal actions, natural processes, pathological tendencies, and yes, five seasons.

The five elements are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. We are currently in (and soon to head out of) the phase of the year that relates to the earth element. So what is the 5th season? 

Welcome everyone!

Susan Wilmoth Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine PortlandWelcome everyone! Finally, I am stepping from the stone age into the virtual modern world to share, celebrate, discuss and connect around the art and science of acupuncture, the elegant system of Chinese medicine, healing, and health. I look forward to posting about the philosophy behind acupuncture, some of the magic that happens in the treatment room, and tools for healthy living, moving, eating, and other elements of self-care.  

Let the blogging begin! Starting with a simple introduction…

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