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Cooling the Body from Within Using Naturally Cooling Foods

photo 3This post focuses on how to use naturally cooling foods to help beat the heat of summer. Understanding some basic Chinese nutritional theory can allow us to choose foods that support our body to stay cooler internally. A food list is included to help you navigate the heat of summer with comfort, ease, and better health.

Deep in the Heart of Soup Season: Caldo Verde

photoThis post is the beginning of a series of my favorite Soup Recipes, featuring Caldo Verde (Portuguese Chorizo Kale Soup). According to Chinese nutritional theory, brothy hot soups are a perfect way to chase out pathogens, fortify your immune system, stoke your digestive ‘pilot light’, and refill your well of reserves. In the heart of winter, who couldn’t use a bit of that?


hummus & vegAt my house, we love hummus and can happily plow through massive amounts of it. Because of that, I make it frequently and in large batches.  Making hummus at home is EASY EASY EASY.

This post includes a simple delicious hummus recipe and an overview of many of the exceptional therapeutic properties of fresh garlic.

Cabbage Steaks = Extreme Deliciousness!

   Since food is the best medicine and this is the most delicious new dish to enter my repertoire in a while, I can’t help but shout the recipe from the rooftops. While the ingredients could not be simpler, there is a magic that happens in the cooking and the whole is leagues tastier than

Chinese Nutrition, Digestive Healing, & Burdock with Yams

Burdock & Jewel Yam Part of the beauty of Chinese medicine is that it’s a system that recognizes that even though multiple people might present with the same symptoms, that we don’t all need the same treatment to heal and thrive.  In that spirit, I have not found that any one diet is a perfect fit for everyone, as we are all so individual, ever-changing, and complex. Understanding how our bodies work and listening inwardly– this is a powerful combination that can guide us to discover what dietary choices make us feel good, function well, rest well, heal well, and have sustained energy.   Read on for more about seasonal eating, including a recipe!

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