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Growing through Grief

IMG_2595This is a transformational ritual in response to the pain of a death– a simple ritual for grief, growth, and turning toward our experience just as it is, as was taught by Rachel Naomi Remen, MD, in 2015 at a training on Mindfulness for End of Life Providers. It’s a tool that is continually transforming me into a better provider and a more aware person. It is also a resource that I love to share with patients and anyone else navigating the death of a loved one.

Being a Hospice Acupuncturist

IMG_7642People often say, “You work in hospice. Wow, that must be so hard.”  (…or heavy, draining, or any number of other words that suggest a weighty emotional slog.) In my experience, it’s many things. Poignant. Intimate. Beautiful. Intense. Fulfilling. Refreshingly real. With all due respect, there is plenty of grit in hospice work. I’m not saying it’s easy but for me it is unquestionably nourishing on a deep level.

On the Treatment Table Instead of the Triathlon Starting Line: A Journey of Training, Life-Lessons, & Rehabilitating a Back Injury

Susan riding on TaborThis is a personal story of training for my first sprint triathlon, getting injured, and letting go. It’s also a tale of new beginnings, self-love, and a commitment to health and self-care.

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