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Welcome. Congratulations on your choice to take a step toward better health.


Please come for your first visit with these forms completed.

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Wear loose fitting comfortable clothing.

Please avoid wearing fragrances for the comfort of anyone with allergies who might be coming after you.

What to Expect


You will receive a full assessment and acupuncture treatment on your first visit. During each session, I will explore structural, functional, and constitutional components of your health concern to address symptoms as well as their root cause.

We will begin with a detailed dialogue about you, your health, and your goals for treatment.

Once your needles are in, you will rest with them for 25-45 minutes.

Treatments often include not only acupuncture but other supportive therapies as well. You may be offered additional massage, manual therapies, heat therapies, or topical liniments as a part of your treatment. As I learn how your body responds to treatment, I will adjust accordingly.

Often patients remain clothed for their treatment. However, sometimes it preferable to be partially clothed while respectfully draped to allow access to an injured area of the body. I will take all precaution to assure your comfort.

Patients regularly report enjoying their treatments and often leave feeling relaxed and invigorated.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Since acupuncture is a therapy, I will often recommend a course of treatment. There is a wide range of how long it takes to improve or resolve different conditions. Some people experience instant relief or change. Many experience a difference the morning after treatment. Patients with long-term chronic conditions sometimes require a much longer course of treatment, often with slow steady progress. People with the same condition may respond to treatment at different rates.

In all cases, it is easier to estimate how long your treatment will take after I see how your body responds to the first treatment.

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