Acupuncture_200x200Acupuncture treatment is a customized therapeutic experience for each patient. The acupuncture points selected for your treatment will be strategically chosen in response to your needs.

Acupuncture is an exceedingly safe therapy when performed by a trained professional.

We use sterile, single-use needles. The needles are stainless steel, solid, and fine enough to be flexible. They are small enough that 8 to 10 acupuncture needles would fit inside the shaft of the kind of needle used to give a shot.

For details about what an acupuncture treatment is like, see What To Expect.

Patients are often relaxed enough to sleep on the treatment table. They commonly leave their treatment feeling calm and invigorated.

Supportive Therapies

Your acupuncture treatments may include any of the following therapies, as well as dietary or lifestyle recommendations.


cupping_200x200People who love deep massage, LOVE Cupping! Cupping is used to release muscle tension, boost immunity, detoxify, treat respiratory congestion, and relieve stress. This is especially valuable in situations where muscle tension is compressing underlying nerves and causing problems like numbness or tingling in the extremities because cupping breaks up tension and adhesions by lifting the muscle tissue rather than by pressing down on it.

Small “cups” are suctioned onto the skin and used to stimulate the underlying acupuncture points, invigorate circulation, and work the soft tissue in the area. Most often, I put a salve down on a patient’s back, then attach cups and slide them over the cables of muscle that run along side the spine and into the shoulders and neck.



Guasha is used to treat pain from injuries or repetitive stress. This is a “scraping” technique that relieves pain and stagnation and promotes repair in the muscle tissue, tendons and ligaments. Guasha can be done with various tools, the classic of which is a ceramic Chinese soup spoon. Guasha is an excellent manual therapy for areas like the fine muscles of the neck or near joints– areas that cannot be treated with cupping due to the body’s contours or structures.



Shiatsu and Tuina Massage


Massage relieves pain, stress, and restricted movement. It can be relaxation-oriented or an injury-focused therapeutic treatment. Shiatsu is a Japanese style of meridian massage wherein pressure is applied to the acupuncture points along a meridian or channel in a constant flow of movement. Tuina is a Chinese style of orthopedic massage, often focused right in or around the area of pain or tension.

With either style, I will communicate with you to find the right intensity to address your pain, relax your body, or to soothe your nervous system.



Sotai is an extremely gentle movement therapy used to increase freedom of movement when your range of motion is restricted from pain, muscle tension, injury, or surgery.

Sotai is based on the idea that by intercepting our unhealthy habitual patterns of movement that cause a buildup of tension and adhesions, we can re-educate our body and nervous system so we begin to move in a different way, a healthier way.




electroacupunctureElectro-acupuncture (often called electro-stimulation or e-stim) is exceptionally helpful for relieving joint pain, muscle spasms, whiplash, and for post-surgery healing. It helps to stimulate circulation and relieve inflammation. Acupuncture needles are inserted and then tiny clips are attached, from which a low grade current is run between two needles. This is like a very mild tens unit that connects directly to the needles.






Moxibustion treats fatigue, digestive issues, menstrual cramps, and inflammatory conditions. Moxibustion is a well established heat therapy that involves burning an herb—moxa or mugwort, a form of Artemisia– near the skin. When moxa is burned, it gives off a full spectrum heat which is able to penetrate deeply into the acupuncture point rather than just heat the surface of the skin. This penetrating heat promotes circulation and catalyzes a healing response.



TDP Heat Lamp

heat_lamp_no_susanTDP or infrared heat is another heat therapy, often used for pain from muscular issues as well as the conditions listed under moxibustion. It also benefits some types of heat-related imbalance in the body. These types of imbalance can show up as fatigue, digestive issues, menstrual cramps, or simply feeling chronically cold.




Chinese Herbs


I recommend Chinese herbal formulas for a range of concerns when appropriate. I offer herbs in the form of capsules. Granules can be special ordered upon request. I primarily source my herbs from “People’s Herbs” in Portland and “Evergreen Herbs” in California due to their rigorous standards of quality, excellent business practices, and because they are such good people.


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