heidi_craddockSusan has a pain-free touch with the needles. Absolutely everything about an appointment with her is calm and healing. Her calm, easy-going style put me instantly at ease upon my first visit. She listens closely and is very intuitive. She has treated me for everything from digestive issues to back pain to running injuries. I highly recommend her to anyone, especially those who might be nervous about trying out acupuncture for the first time.

Heidi Craddock

sue_butlerSusan is a master of the human body and its systems. As an elite athlete, I depend on my body to perform at its highest level and regular acupuncture has been instrumental in keeping me healthy. Susan has helped me heal from various injuries and back surgery. She has helped me recover faster, supported my immune system, and improved my general health. I count on acupuncture as part of my holistic maintenance and I always leave Susan’s office feeling that I have made an excellent investment in myself.

Sue Butlerprofessional cyclist

As a professional ballet dancer I’ve seen many acupuncturists, massage therapists, chiropractors and physical therapists and Susan’s work has had the most benefit for my body. She’s an excellent communicator, whether she is listening to me I explain my issues or listening my body directly. Our sessions give me the relief I need to return to work refreshed, healthy, and with a renewed confidence in my body and in myself. Susan is a truly exceptional caregiver. I’m so happy to have found her.

Olga Krochik, OBT dancer

Susan is terrific! I love how gentle she is. There is a calm about her; she brings a peace with her that immediately made me feel comfortable. Her treatment room compliments this peacefulness. I also love the way she listens. When I first came to her I was new to acupuncture and wasn’t sure what to expect. Susan explained everything before hand and her touch is amazing. This is why I turned to her again to help me recover from my cancer treatment. Her calmness and her compassion are just what I needed to help me through this challenging time.

M.P. Gardener

I see Susan monthly for my acupuncture and cupping treatment. I find the combination helps keep my muscles relaxed, happy and balanced, and relieves my chronic neck and back soreness. One of the great things about working with Susan is that she knows so much about anatomy and Chinese medicine, and she always has suggestions for supplemental treatment and home care for issues that take more to address. Susan’s practice is in a lovely old Victorian house that has a calming effect as one enters. I always feel better after my treatments!

Chris Scarzello

AngieDBI have seen Susan for years and she is a life-saver. I lead a very active life but also have a desk job, which creates various issues for my body. I find that no matter what hurts, Susan can always help. She has given me relief from chronic headaches, TMJ, neck pain, lower back pain, dizziness, and many sports injuries. Susan is incredibly knowledgeable, skilled, and uses a variety of techniques. As a runner and a dragon boat paddler, I depend on her amazing care to keep me moving.

Angela Kautz

I’ve been an active person my entire life. Two years ago I began suffering debilitating arm pain. Ultimately, I questioned whether or not I would ever be able to do the many things I love doing or even get dressed without pain. Thankfully, I came across Susan. For the past several months I have been absolutely pain free for the first time in a year and a half. Susan is an exceptional acupuncturist and just as extraordinary as a compassionate caregiver. She is a thoughtful, respectful and super knowledgeable practitioner.

Fabio Defrietas

Susan is a touchstone for me. She is a healer of the highest order, she treats not only the body but the whole being, she treats the body, mind, soul and heart. She is intuitive about listening to my needs and always has the perfect response, even if it is to be quiet. She is gentle, kind, and compassionate. Every week I know that I am going to turn down the dial, go to a safe space, have her treat me, and feel more centered when I come out.

Eden Dabbs

Photo by Blaine Truitt Covert

Susan kept me feeling my best under the constant physical demands of ballet during my years as a professional ballerina in Portland. She helped me rehabilitate through two meniscus surgeries and got me back to dancing my absolute best again. She supported me through some of the most difficult physical and emotional obstacles of my career and life. Susan is a truly wonderful acupuncturist and she helped me overcome my challenges with such loving support.

Yuka IinoOBT dancer 2003-2013

Susan is my go to practitioner when my active lifestyle catches up to me. I recently sprained my ankle playing volleyball. With regular treatment, I was able to return in under 6 weeks strong and ready to play again. For me, it feels like the needles directly affect the treatment areas, and I love the immediacy. During each treatment, I can feel change happening. I rely on Susan’s knowledge and skill for speedy recovery in a holistic way, avoiding prescriptions and surgery.

Jill Emmert-Tricarico

I see Susan myself and I send my clients to her for treatment. Susan’s ability to be present and attentive throughout the treatment process is rare among acupuncturists. She takes the time to palpate with accuracy and precision before treating, ensuring I receive the most potent quality of healing. Quiet, patient and exacting, Susan’s ability to guide me back to health when other approaches failed has repeatedly given me the confidence from which to refer clients and family in need.

Todd JacksonCranial Therapist and Instructor, Yoga Instructor

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